Quality Control

Pannon Vegetable Oil Production Kft.

The quality control system we use was developed in compliance with the following standards and requirements:

  • Our feed safety system complies with GMP + FSA B3 (2007) standards.
  • Kosher System
  • Our HACCP system complies with Codex Alimentarius CAC/RCP 1-1969 rev. 4-2003.
  • Danube Soya System (traceable, GMO-free soybean products)

Sustainability systems ISCC EU and DE (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) and BÜHG (biofuel greenhouse gas emissions).

The quality control policy we apply to the trade of food and feed raw materials reflects the approach “from the farm to the factory”. In line with the role of our products in the food chain, our quality control focuses on safely satisfying the needs of end users/consumers in all respects.

Our quality system has a fundamental role in the prevention of undesirable incidents and in the mitigation of the impact of such incidents on consumers and all others in the production chain.

We are committed to produce goods and provide services that guarantee the safety of people, animals and the environment and fully meet customer demands. To that end we ensure that suppliers of these goods and services comply with laws, standards, and other rules and regulations. We make sure that conduct requirements are adhered to along the entire production chain.
Pannon Vegetable Oil Production Kft. operates laboratories which use modern and advanced rapid measuring instruments to determine quality parameters and some feed safety parameters of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods.

Process certification